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      YME Construction inc. is a highly respected construction firms in New York. Owned and operated by Shulem Jacobs. The Company specializes in new construction and large-scale renovation and restoration projects.

To achieve its fine reputation, the company focuses on three main job priorities:
Quality of work.
Customer service.
Customer satisfaction

        Shulem Jacobs has spent 21 years developing his construction carrier. Shulem attributes part of his success to the fact that when the business first began, he was a working member of the crew. Because shulem has done all aspects of the construction himself, he brings to each project a wealth of knowledge and experience about what is actually involved in each step of the process.

        Shulem Jacobs is closely involved with all company projects and maintains a full time staff of approximately 15 employees in order to attend to all customers needs. Each project also has part or full time onsite supervisor to oversee YME skilled carpenters, laborers and subcontractors. In addition, construction coordinators staff the office so that someone is easily accessible to answer questions or trouble-shoot at all times.

        Part of any good construction team is a group of first-rate material, supplies and subcontractors ranging from plumbers and electricians to specialized mill workers, tile setters, painters and landscapers.

       Shulem Jacobs has worked hard to develop said relationship with these specialists so that reliable, well-regarded trade’s people are always available to YME clients.

        Shulem Jacobs years in business also provide clients with expertise that goes beyond the ordinary. Because Shulem managed so many jobs under all types of circumstances, all construction projects benefit from prior experience.

       As owner and operator, Shulem Jacobs provides the leadership of a well-versed construction professional with the hands-on experience required when analyzing the most complex details of a project. Mr. Jacobs oversees his entire staff with the same measure of excellence he demands of himself and ensures the most exacting standards are met on every project.

        YME Construction understands that the success of a project relies heavily on the partnership of all those involved. From the client to the respective consultants and subcontractors, we strive develop a relationships where communication, respect and integrity are the basis for all interaction. Therefore, the subcontractors we employ are contributors whose experience and acumen have been tested time and again.

      Finally, YME Construction offers a level of expertise and accountability beyond the standard evident in most firms. A diverse project history and a strong dedication to the quality of our service afford our clients the highest standard in the industry.

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